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Framtiden enligt Razorfish

Den digitala jättebyrån Avenue A-Razorfish släppte häromdagen sina spådomar för 2008 i en extremt läsvärd rapport (ladda ner PDF) [via Guy Kawasaki].

It’s not easy building a meaningful relationship with your customer in the digital world.

And it’s going to get harder.

Ur förordet till ”Digital Outlook Report 2008” av Avenue A-Razorfish

Det finns såklart mycket mer att hämta i rapporten om allt från media till webbstrategi. För stunden plockar jag ut fyra frågor som AARF menar att ett team borde ställa sig.

  1. Are we aiming high enough? What is truly new-to-the-world about what we’re doing? Is the thing we’re about to advertise or design truly meeting a customer’s unmet need, or are we just designing an ”also-ran” or putting lipstick on a pig?
  2. Are the right people in the game? Is our concepting team genuinely multidisciplinary? Does it include profound input from industry experts, brand strategists, consumer insight specialists, technology wizards, information architects, and copywriters?
  3. Are we willing to fail - quickly? Are we prepared to be wrong a few times before we are right? To be really, really uncomfortable? Are we willing to throw out our tried-and-true process and all of our favorite creative tricks—even though they work—in order to create a real breakthrough?
  4. Is there a story here? Are we designing a page or an experience? What is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the brand story we are creating? Does it move - and are people moved by it?