Chartify is an open source jQuery plugin for visualization using Google Charts. It makes charts from tables!

Chartify currently supports bar charts (including stacked and grouped bar charts), pie charts, Venn charts and a simple diagram for displaying gender distributions

Why should I use this?

  • The approach of parsing actual html tables makes the data available in an accessible format to people (and search engines) who can’t experience visualizations for various reasons.
  • It’s easier to use than any alternatives that we have seen. E.g.: $(’table’).chartify(’pie’);


1. Output your data as an HTML table:

<table id="my-table">
      <th>Not Pac-Man</th>

2. Call chartify on the table.

$('#my-table').chartify('pie', {
  pieChartRotation: -1.256/2, 
  showLegend: false, 
  colors: ["eeeeee", "ffc000"]

3. Et voilà!



Chartify is dual licensed under the mit and gpl licenses.

More information

Chartify was originally developed for use in the presentation of the results of a survey we made on iPad usage in Sweden.

Please feel free to fork the project on GitHub and make your own modifications, and if you think it’s something we can use in our version, please don’t hesitate to drop us a Pull Request.